VMware Workstation Player 15 Download

VMware Workstation Player 15

VMware Workstation Player 15 Download

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VMware Workstation Player (formerly known as VMware Player) is an enhanced desktop virtualization application. It runs on one or more operating systems on the same computer without restarting. VMware Workstation Player has a simple interface that provides unmatched support and portability to the operating system. IT professionals can now set up and work with users on an enterprise desktop more easily than ever. In addition, it allows IT professionals to efficiently create and deliver a virtual desktop for employees, contractors or customers.

Run virtual machines for businesses, try new operating systems. Or try to safely try new software in an isolated virtual environment on a Windows or Linux computer.

VMware Workstation Player allows academic professionals to provide complete virtual desktops to pre-configured students with the lessons, applications and tools needed for the entire course, while increasing control and security.

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Easy computer virtualization for Windows and Linux

VMware Workstation Player provides a smoother user interface for building, running and evaluating operating systems and applications on a Windows or Linux virtual machine. Simply communicate and exchange data between applications running on the virtual machine and the desktop.

Unmatched operating system support for maximum compatibility

VMware Workstation Player supports hundreds of new and old guest operating systems. Therefore, you can continue to run the required applications on the virtual machine for as long as you like. VMware Workstation Player is the best way to run many operating systems and desktops in a separate, protected environment on modern equipment.

Virtual machine portability

With VMware Workstation Player, complete desktop environments, including the operating system, applications and user settings, can be integrated into a virtual machine and easily shared. Instead of buying and shipping additional equipment, cut costs by offering a VMware Workstation Player virtual machine with a secure desktop image.

Run restricted virtual machines

VMware Workstation Player has the ability to run limited virtual machines created by VMware Workstation or VMware Fusion Pro. Restricted virtual machines are the easiest way to protect your company’s computers with encryption, password protection, USB access restrictions, separation host and guest operating systems and deadlines.

Connect and recycle old computer equipment

Use existing Windows and Linux computers as virtual machines with VMware vCenter Converter, a free tool used by VMware Workstation Player. And there is no need to reinstall and reconfigure your existing operating system and applications. After conversion, use new hardware to manage the entire virtual machine and run it with the Workstation Player.

System requirements:

Systems using processors (CPUs) running in 2011 or later are supported, with the exception of the following.

Intel Atom processors based on the Bonnell 2011 microarchitecture. For example, Atom Z670 / Z650 and Atom N570.

Systems that useIntel Atom processors based on the Saltwell 2012 microarchitecture. For example, Atom S1200, Atom D2700 / D2500 and Atom N2800 / N2600.

Systems using AMD based on Llano and Bobcat with microarchitecture. For example, the nicknames Hondo, Ontario, Zacate and Llano.

The following systems are also supported: Systems using Intel processors based on the Westmere 2010 microarithology version. For example, Xeon 5600, Xeon 3600, Core i7-970, Core i7-980 and Core i7-990

VMware Workstation Player 15